• Aug 22, 1999
  • 94 min
  • Full-HD

You Know My Name (1999)

In six months, the population of Cromwell, Oklahoma, has climbed from 500 to 10,000. Boom times have come to the oil-rich town. So has a new breed of criminal. You Know My Name is the fact-based story of Bill Tilghman, a lawman and former partner of Wyatt Earp confronted by an emerging era when outlaws run whiskey instead of cattle and are likely to tote a tommy gun as carry a six-gun. An ideally cast Sam Elliott plays Tilghman, whose life takes on a newfangled wrinkle of its own. Tilghman makes a moving picture of his Old West exploits; and the success of that silent film, The Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaws, spreads his reputation like a brushfire. But that reputation may mean nothing to a thug (Arliss Howard) who hides behind a badge.

United States of America
Ancient Mariner Films Turner Network Television

Sam Elliott

Bill Tilghman

Arliss Howard


Carolyn McCormick


James Gammon

Real Arkansas Tom

R. Lee Ermey

Marshal Nix

James Parks

Alibi Joe

Sheila McCarthy

Mrs. Lynn

Nataalia Rey


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