• Jun 06, 1986
  • 148 min
  • Full-HD

Over the Rainbow (1986)

Very dreamy boy who is also a young poet, met a fairy who gave him the ability to do good in PE (specifically high jumping) with a condition that he will not say lies; once he commits a smallest lie, his abilities are gone...

Soviet Union
Odessa Film Studio

Dmitriy Maryanov

Alik Raduga

Yekaterina Parfyonova


Olga Mashnaya

Butyrina Irina Mikhaylovna - BIM

Yuri Kuklachyov

Ivan Ivanovitch

Galina Polskikh

Alexandra Il'initchna

Mikhail Kononov

Ivan Ivanovich

Mikhail Boyarskiy

Alik's Dad

Elena Aminova

Alik's Mom

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