• Jul 21, 2021
  • 102 min
  • Full-HD

Madeleine Collins (2021)

Judith leads a double life between Switzerland and France. On the one hand Abdel, with whom she is raising a little girl, on the other Melvil with whom she has two older boys. Little by little, this fragile balance, made up of lies, secrets and back and forth, cracks dangerously. Trapped, Judith chooses to head forward, at the risk of losing everything.

Belgium France Switzerland
Les films du Bélier Frakas Productions Close Up Films RTBF BeTV RTS SRG SSR VOO

Virginie Efira

Judith Fauvet

Bruno Salomone

Melvil Fauvet

Quim Gutiérrez

Abdel Soriano

Jacqueline Bisset


Nadav Lapid


Valérie Donzelli

Madeleine Reynal

Thomas Gioria

Joris Fauvet

François Rostain


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