• Aug 24, 2006
  • 85 min
  • Full-HD

Die Pferdeinsel (2006)

Katja Steinfurth tries hard to reconcile her love relationship with her married boss and her obligations as a single mother - not always with success. When Tibor, the favorite horse of her son Lukas, behaves strangely aggressive after an accident and is to be euthanized, the horse whisperer Nils Peterson seems to be the last salvation. So Katja sets off with Lukas and Tibor on the way to the "horse island". And in the seclusion of the small picturesque island, the young woman gradually realizes that something has to change in her life.


Hannes Jaenicke

Nils Peterson

Muriel Baumeister

Katja Steinfurth

Maurice Teichert

Lukas Steinfurth

Pierre Besson

Gregor Thal

Katja Studt

Helene Wiegand

Renate Delfs

Frau Dröse

Markus Boysen

Pfarrer Clemens Niebauer

Sina Richardt

Paula Niebauer

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