• Dec 31, 1931
  • 70 min
  • Full-HD

Terrible Nightmare (1931)

In "Terrible Nightmare", Amador, the dull 'Aztec Charlot' embodies Phill Otto Malo, frustrated aviator. Being anxiously awaited in the city of Puebla, he crashes before arriving at his destination. Consequently, he faces several adventures: bullfighter's dress goes to a bullring; in a cabaret flirts with a transvestite believing him a woman, the Keystone Cops come to the cabaret in the face of a bomb threat; Finally, Amador is awakened from his "terrible nightmare" on a park bench by a policeman.

Compañía Cinematográfica El Águila

Charles Amador

El vagabundo, Pill Otto Malo

Carmen Ortiz

Mary Huana

Elias D. Hanan

Juan Gallardo (as Elías Hanan)

Carmen Desfassiaux

Merry Christmas

Roberto Guevara

Napoleón Churrasco

Ambrosio Rojas

Catarino Huarache

Honorato Reyes

Bartolino Belén (as Honorato Reyes Nieva)

Ignacio Díaz

Cacahuate Salado

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