• May 29, 2020
  • 90 min
  • Full-HD

Snow Leopard: Soul of the Tiger (2020)

Spin-off of war drama «Snow Leopard» (2010) from perspective of Xu Hu character In 1944, Zhou Weiguo secretly dispatched Xu Hu, a member of the Snow Leopard Special Forces, to the Japanese Japanese Police Command to rescue the arrested Soviet Red Army intelligence officer Tian Chong. The rescued Tian Chong brought intelligence on the border defense map of the Kanto Army. Zhou Weiguo agreed to let Xu Hu cooperate with the military headquarters to fight in the north. A carefully arranged lethal trap was waiting for the Snow Leopard Special Forces.


Wen Zhang

Qiao Pengyue

Xu Hu

Wu Chengxuan

Yuming Du

Zhao Jialin

Liu Guangnan

Xuesong Lin

Zhengyong Zhang

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