• Nov 24, 1968
  • 130 min
  • Full-HD

Faces (1968)

Middle-aged suburban husband Richard abruptly tells his wife, Maria, that he wants a divorce. As Richard takes up with a younger woman, Maria enjoys a night on the town with her friends and meets a younger man. As the couple and those around them confront a seemingly futile search for what they've lost -- love, excitement, passion -- this classic American independent film explores themes of aging and alienation.

United States of America
Maurice McEndree Productions Walter Reade Organization Inc. Faces International Films

John Marley

Richard Forst

Gena Rowlands

Jeannie Rapp

Lynn Carlin

Maria Forst

Fred Draper

Freddie Draper

Seymour Cassel


Val Avery

Jim McCarthy

Dorothy Gulliver


Joanne Moore Jordan

Louise Draper

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