• Feb 02, 2021
  • 90 min
  • Full-HD

Aurora (2021)

Thoughtfully, lovingly, Aurora tells the story of an unwanted pregnancy. Alongside her work as an architect, 40-year-old Luisa gives inspirational creative workshops to children. One day, she comes across 17-year-old Julia by the school toilets; it turns out she has unintentionally become pregnant. Luisa decides to help her – in the process manoeuvring herself into a difficult position somewhere between friend, teacher and mother figure. Or does she secretly enjoy playing this role?

Costa Rica Mexico
Temporal Films Tiempo Líquido

Rebeca Woodbridge


Raquel Villalobos


Liliana Biamonte

Daniela Arroio

Marcela Jarquín

Kattia G. Zúñiga

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