• Jan 01, 1964
  • 73 min
  • Full-HD

The Mysterious Mr. Hyde (1964)

The television adaptation of Stevenson's well-known short story enriched the story with a new motif, because the good and evil in a person change not only under the influence of drugs, but also under the influence of insatiable love. We meet Mr. Hyde, who is an assistant to the elderly Dr. Jekyll, on the street when he kills a neighbor's dog. Dr. Utterson and his friend witness this when they go to visit a friend of theirs, Jekyll, who they are worried about. They believe that he is under the influence of his assistant, they fear for his life. Jekyll is the family doctor of Lady Danvers, with whom he is secretly in love. He is a talented scientist and has invented a liquid, a substance whose effect is very strange - it rejuvenates, but at the same time changes the character. And that gradually becomes fatal for him...

Československá televize

Martin Růžek

Ilja Racek

Oldřich Nový

Blanka Bohdanová

Felix le Breux

Svatopluk Beneš

Josef Gruss

Jiří Kodet

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