• Jun 10, 1966
  • 69 min
  • Full-HD

The Girls on F Street (1966)

A pathetic Joe pays a bitter prostitute, Margo to have sex with him, and is abused endlessly. A woman sculptor and her live model try to suppress their lesbian longings for each other. Lonely, bespectacled middle-aged Nick goes to the House of Fetish - the local brothel - after watching a buxom stripper do her exotic dance on stage. His wife catches him in bed with another woman, and whips her silly.

United States of America
Cameo Pictures (II)

Ken McCormick


Toni Lee Oliver


Nick Nickerson


Althea Currier


Kellie Everts

Sandra - Model

Barbara Nordin

Voluptuous Blonde

Eve St. Pierre

Eve - Exotic Dancer

Margo Lynn Sweet

Sweet - Sculptor

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