• Jul 15, 1966
  • 106 min
  • Full-HD

Do Re Mi (1966)

Do, who doesn't take much consideration about his marriageis circled with so many debts. He lied to his mother in law to get some money. Do and his wife eventually got a divorce and Do moved out to Kuala Lumpur to start a new life. Re on the other hand has a wife who is working at a night club whereas he stays at home and takes care of the house chores. Due to re's negligent behaviour his wife's money was stolen and he was told to leave the house bringing him dragging himself to the big city. Mi, a bachelor who is head over heels with the girl who is staying across his house often loans him some money. While Mi was out looking for a job he helped out capturing the theif who snatched a lady's handbag alongside with Re and Do who was in the area and helped out as well. They became close friends since then.


P. Ramlee

Do (Masdo)

A. R. Tompel

Re (Amore)

Ibrahim Din

Mi (Minami)

Wan Chik Daud


Noran Nordin

Isteri Re

Rohaya Rahman

Minah (Isteri Do)

Mahmud Jun

Bapa Minah

Minah Hashim

Ibu Minah

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