• Aug 04, 2000
  • 112 min
  • Full-HD

Hollow Man (2000)

Cocky researcher Sebastian Caine is working on a project to make living creatures invisible. Determined to achieve the ultimate breakthrough, Caine pushes his team to move to the next phase — using himself as the subject. The test is a success, but when the process can't be reversed and Caine seems doomed to future without flesh, he starts to turn increasingly dangerous.

Germany United States of America
Columbia Pictures Red Wagon Entertainment Global Medien KG

Elisabeth Shue

Linda McKay

Kevin Bacon

Sebastian Caine

Josh Brolin

Matthew Kensington

Kim Dickens

Sarah Kennedy

Greg Grunberg

Carter Abbey

Joey Slotnick

Frank Chase

Mary Randle

Janice Walton

William Devane

Dr. Kramer

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