• Oct 12, 2015
  • 64 min
  • Full-HD

Raid. The Power of Unbroken (2015)

The main character is a colonel, Hero of Ukraine, presently the airborne forces commander, and up until March 2015 the commander of the 95th air brigade. His name is Mikhail Zabrodsky, and he leads not just his 95th brigade but all the other Highly Mobile Airborne Forces. Just as all of us, he wants the Ukrainian warriors not to die any more, be they troopers, tankmen or cannoneers. “I would happily give up the star of the Hero of Ukraine in exchange for peace,” the colonel says. The film plot is based on the longest crackdown in military history, which took place in August 2014 from Mariupol (which was reached after breaking the enemy’s defense) to Slavyansk; 470 kilometers in total, out of which 170 kilometers were to the other side of the front line.


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