• Jun 09, 2022
  • 48 min
  • Full-HD

The No Man Zone. The Movie (2022)

What will happen if, as a result of biological warfare, almost the entire male population dies out? Women will grieve (for a short time), and then they will unite and create a new better world - with eco-towns, renewable energy, opportunities to do whatever they want, even science and biohacking, even yoga and self-development. Reproduction now occurs by artificial insemination, and only girls are born in the new world. But not everyone likes such a world order. Some of the surviving men and women loyal to them go to live in abandoned cities, begin to steal electricity, enjoying freedom and traditional sex. The tranquility of the ideally arranged female world is threatened when teacher Rada from the eco-city "Two Hills" meets the young "primate" Hera outside it.

START Studio

Pelageya Nevzorova

Nikita Kologrivyy

Andrey Skorokhod

Zhanna Epple

Anna Snatkina

Vladimir Yepifantsev

Filipp Blednyy

Olga Venikova

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