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Koutarou Odaka

he is composer, orchestrator, music producer. Birth is November 12. who has studied classical piano since early childhood. From junior high school, he started making original music with DTM and started working with an indie band. Major debut of composer / arranger at the age of 18. The song “realize”, the theme song for the TV drama “Dragon Sakura”, which was composed, recorded over 200,000 hits. Since then, he has been active as a composer / arranger and sound producer in a wide range of fields. "Kodaka sound producing and arrangement of Kotaro is based on the philosophy of" delivering the song "is also first and foremost, is. Carried out to understand the lyrics in order to establish the best form the feelings as one of the music any suggestion to yourself can do, thought of that in the first, and it is possible to put that answer in its own sensibility, very few types of producer. without regard to the claims of creating their own sound, merely awareness that the song, snuggle up to the vocalist He's the most amazing thing , a true all-genre producer such as J-POP, anime and game music. "
Known For : Sound
Birthday :
Place of Birth : Japan
Also Known As : 小高光太郎
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