• Mar 08, 2013
  • 72 min
  • Full-HD

Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: A Rapid Love Story (2013)

Main hero is a singing boat refugee – orange boy Maroc. He dreams about freedom. Lemon girl Lisa collects singing seashells and dreams about love. Lisa’s father is a businessman, owner of a ketchup factory and tomato plantation. He loves money. And so the opera begins: Poor Maroc escapes from his homeland and defying stormy waters take a boat across the sea to the “promised land”. Upon arrival he is forced into being a slave worker in a tomato plantation instead of freedom, democracy, wealth and parties he had hoped for. Despite the initial let down our orange boy is destined to gain happiness – selfish Lisa falls in love with him and sets him free. We see an orange revolution – houses are blown up and tomatoes are made from ketchup, all in the name of democracy! Movie that is full of rebellion and love has happy ending – we will see sour-sweet culmination of lemon girl’s and orange boy’s love.

Estonia Finland
Nukufilm Bufo


Lisa Limone (voice)

Omar Nõmm

Maroc Orange (voice)

Risto Joost

Seashell (voice)

Peeter Volkonski

Lisa's Father (voice)

Kati Kovács

Guard #1 (voice)

Andero Ermel

Guard #2 (voice)

Hardi Volmer

Guard #3 (voice)

Ülo Krigul

Tomato-Man (voice)

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