• Jan 01, 2015
  • 45 min
  • Full-HD

Return (2015)

A tale of terror. Cathy Reed has been institutionalized most of her life because of Schizophrenia, as a child her parents thought she was possessed by demons and had her exercised by priests. Medical science saw different. Now decades later Cathy is freed, relocated to her own flat and given a chance to be independent. Once alone things are not what they all seem and when her nightmares turn real she questions her state of mind before she is left to face her demons.

United Kingdom

Julie Thursham

Cathy Reed

Dave Kukadia


Roger Camden


Predentia Dixon

Dr. Price

Sarah Gordon

Dr. Webster

Gary Durrant

Cathy's Father

Tess Darby

Cathy's Mum

Adrian Varney


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